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With Speedmark locations corresponding to the High-Tech hubs of the global marketplace, our staff has a unique experience in crafting solutions in this fast paced and high value market. As product life cycles have become shorter and with the further globalization of the manufacture of parts; Product Visibility, Specialized Service, and Secure Safe Transport of Goods has come to the forefront of the Tech. Industries requirements.

Our global positioning in Asia has given us an opportunity to take part first hand in the changes necessary to facilitate the rapid growth of the High Tech. sector. Naturally, the manufacturers of our complex technical hardware and electronics expect a high level of technical support for their supply chains. Product visibility is non-negotiable. Speedmark responded to that need with a upgrade to a new state of the art operating system including our Speedtrace and Global Management Systems.

Speedmark offers dedicated global teams to help you manage your risks. Our staff is trained to recognize potential failures early enough to circumvent the event with realistic alternatives and options. In addition to the training and procedures required by C-TPAT, ISO, and TAPA; Speedmark facilities have gone through extensive additions to ensure that key facilities are safe and secure with 100 % CCTV coverage, up to date and extensive alarm systems, high value storage areas, and electronic access control.


TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) was formed by a collaboration of high technology companies, security professionals, freight suppliers, and insurers to address the increasing rate of theft. High tech. items like mobile phones and portable memory drives have gotten more valuable, more powerful, and smaller. This has increased the risk for theft and the costs associated with cargo theft have sky rocked. The high tech. industry responded to these numbers by forming TAPA. TAPA (originally the Technology Asset Protection Association) has now expanded to include other industries such as pharmaceutical companies dealing with high value and high risk items. TAPA members created the FSR (Freight Security Requirements) and set up a system with independent auditors for freight suppliers to become certified.

In early 2007, Speedmark Transportation became a member company of TAPA The Americas. By late in 2007 Speedmark received its first TAPA A-Level certification at the US Headquarters and SFO facility in the heart of Silicon Valley. Whether through attending TAPA Member Meetings or through the Certification process, you can be assured that Speedmark is not only informed about the security issues facing the technology industry today but that we are an active part of the solution.